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The FCSA is the Freelancer and Contractor Service Associate, founded as an independent industry association which has been founded to set the standard for companies providing services to the professional freelance workforce, giving this vital community a voice. 

Each company involved who are members of the association provide payroll, accountancy and administrative advice to the professional freelance and contractor workforce contributing to the UK plc. Through a combined effort, we have initiated an industry-leading code of conduct to drive best practice. FCSA members each undergo an independent review from one of the ‘big four’ accountancy practices, with the review documentation being voluntarily submitted to HMRC. This sets the standard for professional compliance and proving that we work legally and ethically at all times.

How Brookson can help

As a specialist accountant for contractors, freelancers and self-employed, professionals, Brookson is proud to be a Founding Member of The Freelancer & Contractor Services Association. For over 20 years, 90,000 individuals across a number of sectors have already benefited from our expert accountancy and tax planning advice.

If you are a Recruitment Agency or contractor and would like more information about Brookson’s services, we would love to hear from you. Whether you are just starting out or established in your field, Brookson has a solution and service to suit.


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