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Here are a few of our members that would recommend our services to others. Find our what they had to say...

W C Leung

Limited Company Customer

“Brookson group is one of the best support services available, they just know exactly what needs to be accomplished! They are very reliable, knowledgeable and highly professional. Their continual support and best advice has been instrumental to kick start my business. I look forward to seeing our partnership going from strength to strength! Thank you!"

Anibal Fernandez

Limited Company Customer

I have recommended Brookson every time I had the opportunity. Good value for the money. Their system and service to help me run my business work very well, reducing the time I need to spend in administrative and accountancy matters. Everything is clear and allows me, for instance, to better understand the flows of money in my company. I would say that it is more than another accountancy service.

Tony Ings

Limited Company Customer

I have been with Brookson for over 12 months and find the service second to none. The connect portal is a fantastic tool that allows me to monitor my company finances at an easy glance. Any queries are quickly responded to and the customer service is excellent.

Beverley Snowden

Limited Company Customer

have been with Brookson many years both as Umbrella and Limited and have recommended a number of colleagues and friends to move to them as their service and advice for me has been superb and as a contractor has save me loads.

Elizabeth Ross

Limited Company Customer

Every time I have contacted a member of your team they have always been so amiable, I have been with three different accountants and did not experience the level of service I received from Brookson.

Colin Woodley

Limited Company Customer

Running a Ltd Co as a contractor couldn't be easier than with Brookson, easy to understand accountancy specifies exactly what you can draw and shows your tax liabilities. With direct debiting set up against your VAT it's pretty well hassle free.

Richard Corbin

Limited Company Customer

I have been a client with Brooksons since I became self-employed in 2014 and I can only say that I have had nothing but an exceptional service and the advice I have received has been correct and perfect for my business. I don't see them as my accountant, they treat me as a friend, and they give me advise regarding my tax matters in a way that you'd talk to your friend, seeking a solution. I'm very happy with their service and recommend them to everyone.

Gurjit Singh-Soor

Limited Company Customer

The amount of business admin and paperwork can be a daunting thought for a perm worker going contract. What do I need to do? When do I do it? How do I register for VAT? Thankfully Brookson helped me with my accounting needs and made things very simple for a newbie. They have a portal you can access online that gives you access to all key financial information, how much money is in your business account, how much you have left after all liabilities are accounted for and so on. You can raise expenses and plan around tax / vat deadline dates well in advance through their handy planner tool. They've dealt with most of my queries promptly and I'm happy with the service they provide. They also have a good referral scheme. Recommended.

Cameron McBean

Limited Company Customer

Brookson efficiently takes care of all the calculations, paperwork, deadlines, tax implications etc that would be a total minefield leaving me free to focus on my business and do what I do best. Nothing is too much trouble for their staff for any queries received either over the phone or by telephone - I know I will get a timely and accurate response.

Warren Griffiths

Limited Company Customer

I have been using Brookson's Limited Company Accountancy services since 2007 and during that time I have found them be a continually developing and improving company proving very helpful in the running of my Limited companies' financial and legal affairs. I also find the additional personal financial and tax advisory services provided a very useful addition to those associated with the Limited Company.

I take great comfort in knowing that with each new contract that my company accepts Brookson Legal Services will review the relevant terms of the contract with regard to IR35 and advise appropriately to ensure I'm fully aware of any potential risks. The advice given to Directors is very useful and gives me peace of mind that I am paying the correct level of tax and national insurance contributions. I have been very pleased with the professionalism demonstrated in dealing with the recent enquiry from HMRC. The response written by Brookson Legal Services was well structured with relevant supporting case history to validate the points of note demonstrating the low probability of being captured by IR35.

I would recommend the use of Brookson's IR35 review service and the fact that it is all included in the standard accountancy fee is great value.

Jane Smalling

Limited Company Customer

I am a new customer to Brookson and I wanted to share my appreciation regarding the new business consultant that assisted me when joining.

I made an enquiry 6 weeks prior to joining after finding Brookson online and from the outset I found the new business representative to be absolutely outstanding in terms of her; knowledge, patience and skill in explaining the HMRC guidelines for limited companies and the various tax advantages and benefits that Brookson can help me to receive.

I vowed that I will come back to Brookson once I was ready to start my limited company as the knowledge and good quality customer service approach is literally second to none industry wide. Since joining I have not been disappointed and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Brookson to friends or colleagues in the future.

Juliana Hutchinson

Limited Company Customer

I have been using Brookson’s Limited Company Accountancy service for over a year and have found Brookson to offer a very professional service, which is flexible to adapt to my needs.

I previously used a traditional accountancy firm where I had to complete spreadsheets every month and file my own paperwork which ate into my time. With Brookson the benefit of using Connect has significantly reduced the time I spend doing my accounts and I can get real up to date information. Connect is really easy to use, which is a massive bonus for me!

The switching process was really easy, Brookson went the extra mile to address my very specific needs and to answer all the questions I had, the service provided that personal service and assistance that got me up to speed.

I sincerely believe that Brookson offers great value for money and and wouldn’t turn back. Smart technology and continued support makes Brookson the accountancy of choice for contractors.

I would not hesitate to recommend Brookson to my professional colleagues.

Tim Butterfield

Limited Company Customer

Brookson offered a huge amount of support in getting my company set up and trading. They were, and continue to be, an enormous help.

Brookson were patient in handling my queries and answered every question that I had quickly, in depth and gave me direction when I needed it. I never felt under any pressure to take up Brookson services. My decision to join Brookson was initially based on a recommendation from a friend and the service that I have received since joining has not disappointed.

I have already recommended a number of colleagues to Brookson and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future!

David Falder

Limited Company Customer

When I started contracting, I was daunted by the amount of administration that I thought I would need to complete had I set-up through a limited company and so I started working through an umbrella.

However, about 6 months in, Brookson proactively contacted me in regards to my working options, explaining that operating through a limited company would in fact be a better option for me financially, I decided to go ahead and set up my own limited company. The service offered by Brookson has been extremely streamlined with almost no administrative overhead.

Chris Sharples

Limited Company Customer

Since joining Brookson, I can only say that I have been 100% satisfied.

Starting a new company was quite unnerving at first however Brookson have assisted and guided me every step of the way, providing an excellent and impressive range of continually evolving services.

I would thoroughly recommend Brookson to both new or experienced contractors – the service they provide is second to none.

Marvin Slaytor

Limited Company Customer

I have been with Brookson since the beginning of 2011 and I have always found the staff very helpful and efficient. The service Brookson provide makes running my business easy.

I have recommended Brookson to a number of colleagues in the past and will continue to do so in the future.

David Coburn

Limited Company Customer

The Brookson service meets all of my requirements and provides all of my business financial details at the click of a mouse, with good telephone support when I need it.

Alan Lawrie

Limited Company Customer

Brookson have provided an excellent level of service since joining. I was guided through all aspects of setting up my limited and company and they have ensured that I work in the most tax efficient and IR35 compliant way.

All of my questions are answered promptly, in a friendly and professional manner and the Connect system provides an excellent way of keeping on top of my business finances.

Jon Bell

Umbrella Employee

I am very happy with the solution provided by Brookson. All my queries, either by telephone or email are always dealt with promptly, in a polite and professional manner.

Robert Taylor

Umbrella Employee

The information Brookson provide is so easy to use, it allows me to enjoy my free time and concentrate on work without the worry of administration.

Chris Counsell

Limited Company Customer

I must congratulate Brookson on the 'Year end pack', so simple to use even my dog could've managed it.

Mark Williams

Limited Company Customer

I’m really pleased with the Brookson service. I also find their financial services partner very helpful – it’s been really easy to arrange a mortgage with them and get some sound advice on pensions.

Paul Wrigley

Umbrella Employee

It is extremely reassuring to know that I can rely on a company like Brookson, allowing me to earn a decent living and stay within the law.

Richard Field

Umbrella Employee

For my line of work, my focus has to always be on the clients and their needs and working with Brookson gives me the peace of mind that they are looking after my needs while I focus on the needs of others, which was the reason I got into social working in the first place.

I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Brookson, the services they provide are second to none.

Gary Hall

Limited Company Customer

I have been a customer since April 2006, when a colleague recommended Brookson's services to me.

Its been comforting to know that there is someone there to speak to if I ever have a query, particularly with ever changing legislation. The accountancy services provided have been key to helping me run my business with minimal administrative overhead.

Terence Truebody

Limited Company Customer

I have been a working through a limited company for over 29 years and have had many accountants, but I have never had such a simple and yet comprehensive service, that Brookson provide. It is absolutely first class!

Richard Stevens

Limited Company Customer

Brookson advise me what to pay myself, when to pay my tax, how much to pay and where to send it, they also complete my tax return and bookkeeping requirements.

This is the reason I use Brookson, to advise and look after my finances, a job which they do very well. This then frees up more of my own time, which is exactly what I’m looking for!

Maurice Booker

Limited Company Customer

Brookson's Services are good value for money with no hidden extras charges and their staff are always very helpful. Having one's assignment professionally assessed against IR35 is a real bonus giving peace of mind.

I would HIGHLY recommend Brookson to friends and work colleagues.

Bill Wall

Umbrella Employee

For the past 18 years I have worked as a CE & I Engineer, using Brookson as my accountancy provider. As I come up to retirement I would like to share a few words to show my appreciation of the service provided to me by the Brookson team.

During my time with Brookson I have found them to be courteous, obliging, willing to listen and quick to reply, in fact the support has been everything I could have hoped for when I joined all those years ago in 1996. I wouldn’t hesitate to refer Brookson to fellow contractors.

Matthew Longmoor

Limited Company Customer

Being new to working through a limited company, it has been great to have the support of Brookson as they do everything I ask them to do, to a great standard and within a quick timeframe.

There is always somebody available to offer advice if I need to contact them and their call back feature really helps towards this.

Kerry Lee

Limited Company Customer

I have always received exceptional service from Brookson, they make my life so much easier and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them to my friends or colleagues in the future.