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Our customers said...

Connect makes the difference.

Our customers seem to be buzzing about Connect and we have had some really positive comments. The comments below are just a taster of some of the feedback we are regularly getting about Connect and the service Brookson delivers.


Jim McMillan

Contract Design Engineer

Aerospace Industry


Contract Design Engineer


“I have been so impressed with the fast response, functionality and the access to documents that Connect gives me. It could also be the best app on my phone- I can virtually run my company from it! I am very impressed and think what Brookson is doing for their customers is fantastic.”


Contract Engineer



Contract Engineer

"Connect is so easy to use and as my kids say pretty cool too! It has made managing my accounts quicker, simpler and has meant I don’t have to spend too much time at the PC because everything is so up to date. Access by the phone is really easy, I’m impressed. Well done Brookson!"


Rajiv Singhal

Project Controls Manager


Project Controls Contractor

“Connect provides me with the important figures I need to know to run my business and life efficiently. The fact that the updates are every 24 hours has simply transformed the way I can look at my business, it is really smart and I don’t know any other accountant that does that. It has got many other useful functions as well - very empowering!”

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