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Free Guide to Working Options

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Would like to review your working options as a contractor, freelancer or a self-employed professional? Find out more about the options you have, how they affect you financially and the levels of responsibility attached to each, it will be much easier to ensure the decisions you make are the right ones for you.

What's in the working options guide 

  • Making the Right Choice
  • An Introduction to Working for Yourself
  • Choosing the Best Working Option for You
  • Appreciating the Financial Benefits
  • Running a Limited Company
  • Operating as a Sole Trader
  • Joining an Umbrella Company
  • Working Through Agency Payroll
  • About Brookson


About Brookson

Since 1995, we’ve provided accountancy, tax and support services to over 90,000 contractors, freelancers and self-employed professionals - it’s what we specialise in and it means we’ve been able to develop a unique service that is innovative, friendly and easy to use.


Why Brookson?

  • Know your tax position when you need to – with daily* updates from Brookson
  • Know how much you can safely withdraw from your business, without spending the taxman’s money
  • Realise your earning potential – now and for the future, with advice on pensions, investments and wealth planning
  • Benefit from FREE and unlimited employment status reviews (IR35)
  • Get support every step of the way with our unique Tax Promise
  • Specialist Advisors available 6 days a week†

*Excludes weekends and bank/public holidays. † Specialist Advisors available six days a week, Monday to Friday, 8am-6pm and Saturday, 9am-1pm. Excludes bank/public holidays.


"When I started contracting, I was daunted by the amount of administration that I thought I would need to complete had I set-up through a limited company, so I started through an umbrella. However, about 6 months in, I investigated my options and decided that I would operate through a limited company. Using the solution offered through Brookson has been extremely streamlined with almost no administrative overhead.”

David Falder


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