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IT Contractor Accountants


IT skills are highly sought after, meaning that contractors in this field will often be in demand and may have a lot of work coming in coupled with long hours. As a result, IT contractors may find it difficult to keep their accounts up to date all the time and this would also make tax compliance a little bit tricky. At Brookson, we have specialist IT contractor accountants on hand and over 20 years of experience in dealing with contractors. This way, we are able to keep your accounts in order and ensure that the records you sent to HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) are compliant.

We use cutting edge technology and excellent advice to make sure that IT contractors have all the support they need to get on with their work.

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Our free IT Contractors guide is a great starting point if you're looking to set up a limited company.

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If you are just starting out as an IT contractor then there are a lot of ways you could choose to work, whether that is as an umbrella company contractor, a sole trader or by setting up as a limited company. Using our free choices guide you will get plenty of information that will help you decide which method of working is best for your business. After you have decided this, Brookson can help you to stay compliant and keep your books balanced.

Brookson promises to be proactive with your accounts, making sure they are up to date without you having to spend time on paperwork. We will also make sure you are compliant with HMRC, looking at such issues as whether or not you come under the remit of IR35.

What's more, we have a wide network of business partners, ranging from services in pensions and private healthcare to mortgages and insurance. The more we know about your business, the more help we can offer, which in turn will give you access to financial products and services that can aid you most in work and life in general.


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We understand that you may want to compare Brookson to other providers and also some help to understand your business options and how you will be affected financially. That's why we offer a free, no obligation consultation and take home pay illustration.

Using the form below, let us know which sector you work in, what your annual income or agency rate are, how many hours you work per week and what business expenses you will incur. We will do the rest.


Make Connections

If you choose to work in a limited company then you can take advantage of our Connect accounting service, so you can always get quick access to detailed account information that will help you make the best decisions.

It is an online portal that covers every area of business. From a single screen of your accounts, you can go into detail about your VAT, National Insurance, tax returns, invoices and more.

Connect makes it easy to track invoices, submit expenses, double check your tax expenses and see how much you can withdraw.

Switching Accountants?

Switching your accountant to one of our all-inclusive services is a hassle free experience with Brookson
What's more, when you switch to Brookson we will give you 1 month free accountancy services when you join quoting 'WEB'. Find out more

Tax promise

We are proactive and thorough when it comes to tax so that our clients are always compliant. However, unlikely as it may be, if you are challenged by HMRC then we will give you our complete support.

All documents relating to your employment will be kept by us so that we can provide them promptly and can deal with HMRC directly.

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