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There are many benefits to working as a locum doctor, including the freedom to choose where and when you work. However, the downside is that you may need to travel more than your employed counterparts, you will have more than one income source and you will usually work long hours.

Therefore, you need a locum doctor accountant who can keep on top of your finances and knows exactly what support you need. At Brookson, our experts can help you manage your business, stay compliant and sort out your bookkeeping. Through a combination of cutting edge technology, real-time data, excellent advice and a friendly approach, we can keep on top of these things while you get on with your work.

Our services make sure you are completely in control of your business but without having your time taken up by administration. We can make sure your accounts are in good shape no matter where your contracts take you.

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Our free Locum Doctor guide is a great starting point if looking to become self-employed.

Switching Accountants?

Switching your accountant to one of our all-inclusive services is a hassle free experience with Brookson What's more, when you switch to Brookson we will give you 1 month free accountancy services when you join quoting 'WEB'.

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If you need more insight into which way of working would suit you best in terms of financial benefits and compliance or you just want to see how Brookson compares to other providers then you will find our free, no obligation consultation and take home pay illustration really helpful.

Stay connected

If you choose to work as a limited company, with our Connect accounting service you’ll always have quick access to detailed account information to help you make the best decisions.

Connect is a single online portal where every area of your business is at your fingertips. A single screen summary of your accounts leads onto details of VAT, National Insurance, tax returns, invoices - everything you need, 24 hours a day.

It’s easy to submit expenses, track invoices, double check your tax status or see how much you can withdraw - and because Connect is updated daily^, you can rest assured that you’re looking at up-to-date financial information.

Tax Promise

Our proactive and thorough approach is designed to make sure our clients are always compliant with the taxman. But in the unlikely event that HMRC challenges your tax status as a Limited Company, you’ll have our full support from start to finish.

That’s the Brookson Tax Promise.

Because we keep every document related to your employment status from the very start, we’ll provide all the information promptly and deal with HMRC directly.

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